Please note that from 20-31 July we will be unreachable telephonically.
You are welcome to send us an sms to 0846538935 or you can e-mail us at in this time and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible. Please allow for a 48 hour response time.

About Us

In the new world of technology old forms of art are being lost. Children are no longer being taught how to sew in school and grownups have lost touch with their creative side.

Cape Town based Create. Hobby Center offers great fun and informative sewing lessons for kids, teens and adults. Create. Hobby Center is a space in which you can forget the troubles around you and enjoy traveling into a creative space.

We cover all kinds of projects from cushion covers to fun outfits. Projects change as trends do.

The lessons involve learning to use a electronic sewing machine and hand stitching techniques.

We have all the tools you need in our classroom. All you need to do is arrive and have fun.

Boys and men are welcome too.